How to Deal with Foot Cramps

Foot Cramp

Have you got a cramp in your foot? A cramp is a common muscular pain. By following these steps, the pain should ease in no time.



Put weight on the painful footPut your entire body weight on the front of the painful foot as soon as you feel it start to hurt. Lift the other foot completely off the ground.


Walk aroundTry to walk the pain off once the first spasm has passed.


Take off your shoes and socksRemove shoes, socks or any other garments which may affect the cramp.


 Sit or bend downSit down, still keeping weight on the front of your foot.


Flex forward

Bend backFlex your toes. Lift the front of your foot slightly off the ground, resting your heel on the floor. Curl your toes away from you and towards the floor, then pointing them back towards you. Repeat this several times until the pain of the cramp eases. [Note: This may worsen some types of foot cramps; in that case, skip curling the toes forward.]


Massage the affected areaMassage the affected area with your fingers when the spasm eases, until your foot feels relaxed.


Pull your toes back with your handPull your toes back towards you as far as they will go if the pain persists. Use your hands to pull the toes towards you and hold them there momentarily.

8) Apply heat to the area affected. Microwaving a wet washcloth for a few seconds and applying it can help relieve foot and leg cramps.


  • It may help to drink a large amount of water immediately after experiencing the cramp.
  • If the pain still does not go away, repeat all of the steps, or seek medical attention if pain continues to get worse over several hours.
  • Rub a bar of soap on your foot. If you get foot cramps at night, rubbing a bar of soap against the bottom of the cramping foot can provide relief. While there is no scientific evidence for this, it is typically a household item, and may be worth trying.
  • Tight shoes can cause muscle cramping, especially if you exercise for an extended period of time in them. Try loosening the laces or getting better-fitting shoes.[1]
  • Drinking tonic water before bed or upon rising may ease or prevent cramps since tonic water contains quinine, a drug often prescribed for malaria and sometimes for leg cramps. While the FDA warns not to use prescribed doses of quinine for leg cramps[2] tonic water has only minute amounts of quinine (which reduces risk, but may also reduce effectiveness).
  • Muscle cramps can be a result of low potassium levels in the body. Eating foods rich in potassium, such as bananas or baked potatoes, can help relieve cramps.[3]
  • Put an ice bag in the affected area.
  • Another great idea is to put 5-10 marbles on the floor and simply pick them up with your toes and release. This will enhance circulation and stretch muscles you never use.


  • If you suffer with recurring cramps, contact your doctor. Cramping can be caused by some medications and health conditions.[4]